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The outcome of my 10 unique years of deep dive into DDD/CQRS/ES

At the beginning of this year, I launched my personal website (for English version ).  I specialize in Domain-Driven Design, Command Query Responsibility Segregation, Event Sourcing on the JVM platform and with 10 years of experience in that field and the knowledge gathered over this time, I finally feel prepared and ready to share it with a broader audience . I should have done this a gazillion years ago, but hey… better late than never.  The story I’ve been doing Domain-Driven Design since 2011. During this time I was able to truly dig deep into this topic, since I was working mainly on a single product in an extremely complex and dynamic domain. Our team was responsible for delivering a new solution (next to the existing one) in the Core Domain of this product. One might say that this was a rewrite of a Legacy System, but it wasn’t. The other part of the system was still profitable. It was just doing things in a less automated and less human