Monday, August 4, 2014

Help! I'm stuck with DDD Modeling! 8 Tips'n'Tricks to move on.

I was sitting in front of my laptop with a bunch of paper cards scattered all around me. My desk and my windowsill were covered with printed scenarios on the one side and with handwritten sketches of couple of Models on the opposite one. On the monitor, I was browsing photos of previous Modeling sessions and, from time to time, chatting with my friend - an UX Designer.

For last couple of days I was doing the Modeling of a very hard part of our Core Domain. I spoke to Domain Experts in different roles, and I was working closely with the UX Designer, who made a lot of research earlier. I run couple of Modeling sessions - both alone and in groups of 2-5 people. I just couldn't figure out a good enough solution.

I was stuck.

Do You know that feeling?

Have You been in that moment, when you realize, that sometimes Synthesis is not that easy part of the Design process? The moment, when you feel like You are trying to push on a rope? You've done everything correctly, and yet You still cannot find the solution...

I assume, that You are a good scout, and You did Your homework.
  • You have a Context Map somewhere,
  • You did some Event Storming (by Alberto Brandolini),
  • You are focused on some specific Subdomain and have abstracted unimportant things,
  • You have some significant Scenarios in it,
  • You have some Models that fullfill some of those Scenarios,
  • You are actively using Modeling Whirlpool

Everything looks good, but it seems like You can always come with another significant Scenario that will break some already created Models... You are clearly missing some concept and you need to do something different to stop spinning your wheels. 

You need some...

Modeling Tips'n'Tricks

Enter the 8 Tips'n'Tricks that can help You to move on with Modeling activity. I already knew the first 7 and the last one was proposed to me by Mathias Verraes in the Twitter thread. Here You have it, you can take them and use in Your projects.