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Domain-Driven Design in Kraków

The beautiful thing in IT world is, that people are willing to share their knowledge. That's why we write blogs, speak at conferences and form local communities. There are already couple of such communities in Kraków. Sometimes I think, that this city is really the Sillicon Valley of Poland (and maybe even of this part of Europe). There is SCKRK (Software Craftsmanship in Kraków) for software craftsmen, there are many PJUG (Polish Java User Group) meetings for Java people, KGD.NET (Kraków's Group for Developers .NET) for .NET people, Lambda Lounge for functional languages enthusiasts, Bright talks , Kraków Scala User Group , DataKRK , Hacker Space , JAR Camps and many others. If you are in Kraków, you can always check what is going on today and come to learn and share some knowledge. On the other hand, there are communities around the world, which are about Domain-Driven Design in particular. The other day I thought, that maybe we can do something similar in K