Thursday, December 15, 2011

My ubiquitous language

I will start this blog with a small digression (why not?).


This is my very first blog post, and I hope that the fact, that I chose English over my native Polish language won't become curse over the time, and my Readers (yes, I dare to assume that I will get some) won't find too many lexical mistakes here.

The world seems to get smaller and smaller nowadays - we can read articles written by inspirational people just after publishing. We can email with them and read their tweets. We can even meet one of our Gurus[1] at a conference in our very home city... ;)

That's why we have to communicate with other Tech-People with a common ubiquitous language.

Like it or lump it - English is that language. So I decided to write in it.

What will I write about

I am interested in creating simple software that solves complicated problems. I like the idea of Domain Driven Design connected with Command Query Responsibility Segregation principle. I also find useful Event Sourcing and bunch of other stuff related to them.

I am an enthusiast of Software Craftsmanship movement and I believe that it will get more and more followers over time.