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DDD Aggregates vs "Life beyond Distributed Transactions"

Last week, I attended the Software Craftsmanship Krak√≥w meetup, where we discussed "Life beyond Distributed Transactions: an Apostate’s Opinion" article by Pat Helland. Author tries to tackle the problem of almost-infinite scaling of applications. He ignores such issues like high availability on purpose and focuses only on scalability alone. That makes the essay easier to read – even for junior developer. Although the author does not say it explicitly, there are a lot of similarities between presented concepts and Aggregates from Domain-Driven Design . Pat's paper was written in 2007, so my wild guess is that he might have been familiar with Eric's book, which was published in 2004. Since there are still a lot of questions regarding Aggregate's boundaries (and technical difficulties arising around them) in DDD world, I recommend Pat's article as a complementary reading, which takes more infrastructure-oriented approach and may clarify some things.