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Event Sourcing is like Vector Graphics

I want to emphasize at the outset, that I am not an expert in graphics.  I just have some basic knowledge, but based on that I was able to coin this parallel. I assume, that you have some basic knowledge about Event Sourcing and CQRS , but if you don't please refer to this definition or watch Greg Young's mindblowing 6,5h long classes (if you already do have some knowledge, watch this video anyway - it is worth your time). I also assume that you have some very basic knowledge about Vector Graphics and Raster Graphics . What is an Event? Stop for a moment and think. Probably you will come up with an answer, that an Event is an Aggregate's state change which occurred. And this is a very good answer indeed. Guess what. Vectors can depict the state change too! So Events may be treated as Vectors, right? Below I will write down some similarities that Event Sourcing has with Vector Graphics, and 3rd Normal Form databases have with Raster Graphics. 1. Scali