Tuesday, July 10, 2012

7 lessons learned from launching my DDD/CQRS/ES startup

It's been a month and a half since I wrote the last blog post. This time it was not because I am lazy (although in general I am), but quite the opposite. I was very busy with launching my startup application written after hours at home with my brothers.

For the couple of last weeks, there was the Euro 2012 Cup in Poland and Ukraine, and everybody around me was crazy about the football those days. On the other side, couple of months ago I started to practice Domain Driven Design with Command Query Responsibility Segregation with Event Sourcing. I combined those two and launched my startup as a Facebook application written in this style: "Typer" (at this moment only in Polish).

What were my goals?

From the personal perspective, I wanted to give people some opportunity to have fun - to type scores in their own groups, compete with each other and find out who is the best football specialist.

From the business perspective, I wanted only to generate some traffic and see if it can be profitable in the future.

From the development perspective, I wanted to practice DDD/CQRS/ES, since I do not have enough possibilities to do it on daily basis.

From the management perspective, I wanted to learn how to use my time effectively, and how to lead my small team.

Did I succeed?

I did! Maybe I wasn't able to achieve 100% of goals that I set up, but I am proud of what I did and I am much smarter now. I want to share my thoughts with you, so here I present my 7 lessons learned: